Lab Tests API

All lab tests with information like “what are the taken for?” or “How should the sample be collected — empty stomach or after food?”. We even provide reference values for these tests. Sample Data { “lab_test_name”: “Clozapine”, “alternate_name”: “”, “lab_test_id”: “IGGV”, “lab_test_data”: { “Laboratory”: “Clinical Pharmacology”, “Test Code”: “CLOZ”, “Specimen types”: “Blood”, […]

Exercises & Activities API

Information about more that 6000 various physical fitness activities with data on how much calories they burn. Sample data { “name”: “Crunches”, “calory_count”: “51”, “category”: “Abdominals”, “cardio_subcategory”: “”, “primary_muscle_group”: “Rectus Abdominis”, “exercise__id”: “IGGI” }

How do I check my daily usage limits?

You can check your application’s daily usage right on your dashboard, or also in Response Headers of API endpoint Requests. X-Ratelimit-Limit →1000 X-Ratelimit-Remaining →910 Please note that the daily limit is applied over the sum of requests originating from all of your applications

How do I get the Access Token?

Go to HealthOS dashboard -> Click on the Application for which you want to generate access token Then click on View Credentials button on top right. Then just click on Generate Access Token button. Voila! Alternatively, if you have your application credentials, you can retrieve “Access Token” to access  Dataset API […]

How do I get my client id and secret?

To view your credentials for authentication, go to the application page and click on “Manage” button on top right corner. There you can view your client id & client secret. For details please find below screenshot.

Creating first application

To get started, first sign up for a free HealthOS account here. All API endpoints are protected by OAuth 2.0. To access any of the API endpoints you’ll need to create an application using HealthOS dashboard.   Once you create the application, click on “View Credentials” button on the top right […]