Diseases API

Various diseases and their information. { “disease_name”: “Neurofibromatosis”, “disease_cat”: “Genetic diseases, Rare diseases, Neuronal diseases, Eye diseases, Cardiovascular diseases, Nephrological diseases, Ear diseases, Skin diseases, Fetal diseases, Cancer diseases, Gastrointestinal diseases”, “disease_info”: “Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder of the nervous system. it mainly affects how nerve cells form and grow. […]

Food & Calories API

Add robust nutrition tracking to any app. Over 1,000,000 food items along with their detailed nutrition information like calories, carbs, fats, cholesterol & sugar etc. , from across the world. Sample data { “food_item__id”: “VQ4qQ11Q3wQ3hw4I06qq3Iq0”, “food_brand_id”: “VQ4qQQQ6QmzGwm0wIOm43wqG”, “food_restaurant_id”: “VQ4qQQQ6QmzGwm0wIOm43wqG”, “brand_name”: “Bareburger”, “brand_logo”: null, “item_type”: 1, “item_name”: “+ Beer Braised Bacon”, “upc”: […]

Medicines & Generics API

HealthOS allows you to access a dataset of over 100,000 medicines having data like side effects, popular usage, diet consideration, precaution along with information like mrp, packsize & schedule updated on a realtime basis. It also allows you to search medicines like google… Here is a sample data: { “name”: […]