Food & Calories API

Add robust nutrition tracking to any app. Over 1,000,000 food items along with their detailed nutrition information like calories, carbs, fats, cholesterol & sugar etc. , from across the world.

Sample data

  "food_item__id": "VQ4qQ11Q3wQ3hw4I06qq3Iq0",
  "food_brand_id": "VQ4qQQQ6QmzGwm0wIOm43wqG",
  "food_restaurant_id": "VQ4qQQQ6QmzGwm0wIOm43wqG",
  "brand_name": "Bareburger",
  "brand_logo": null,
  "item_type": 1,
  "item_name": "+ Beer Braised Bacon",
  "upc": null,
  "ingredient_statement": "smoked pork belly (water, salt, turbinado sugar, celery powder, sea salt, no nitrates added except for the naturally occurring nitrates in celery powder & sea salt), burger rub (natural smoke flavor, worcestershire sauce powder, tomato, salt, garlic, onion, cumin, mustard, black pepper) carrots, spanish onion, celery, veggie stock, chicken stock, stout beer (may or may not be gluten free), leeks, instant espresso",
  "serving_qty": 1.13,
  "serving_unit": "oz",
  "metric_qty": 32,
  "metric_unit": "g",
  "calories": 170,
  "calories_from_fat": 150,
  "total_fat": 17,
  "saturated_fat": 6,
  "trans_fat": 0,
  "cholesterol": 25,
  "sodium": 220,
  "total_carb": 0,
  "dietary_fiber": 0,
  "sugars": 0,
  "protein": 3,
  "potassium": null,
  "vitamin_a": null,
  "vitamin_c": null,
  "calcium_dv": null,
  "iron_dv": null,
  "related": [
      "food_item_id": "hQVGV3GwGhIIqQzhh04Mz0q0",
      "item_name": "BEER BACON SLIDERS",
      "calories": null
      "food_item_id": "VQ4qQ11QGmQOwOqV0m3GGO14",
      "item_name": "Root Beer Float 20oz",
      "calories": null
      "food_item_id": "VQ4qQ11QQQOwz4qI4mIGwwMh",
      "item_name": "Turkey Bacon",
      "calories": null
      "food_item_id": "VQ4qQ11QMMzMOMQ6Oz3V0qQ6",
      "item_name": "Country Bacon",
      "calories": null
      "food_item_id": "VQ4qQ11Qq6hIQqm3zI0mGG3z",
      "item_name": "Duck Bacon",
      "calories": null

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