Lab Tests API

All lab tests with information like “what are the taken for?” or “How should the sample be collected — empty stomach or after food?”. We even provide reference values for these tests.

Sample Data

    "lab_test_name": "Clozapine",
    "alternate_name": "",
    "lab_test_id": "IGGV",
    "lab_test_data": {
      "Laboratory": "Clinical Pharmacology",
      "Test Code": "CLOZ",
      "Specimen types": "Blood",
      "Container types": "Lithium Heparin - No Gel (green)9ml PLAIN (red top)EDTA (purple)",
      "Collection Instructions": "Collection time prior to next dose (trough).",
      "Minimum Adult Volume": "3 mL",
      "Paediatric Minimum Volume": "0.5 mL",
      "Notes": "Time to peak:  2.5 hrs post doseHalf life:  12 hrs (6 - 33 hrs)\r\nAssay performed every Wednesday and Friday.\r\nDose determination for Clozapine is primarily based upon clinical response/haematological state/metabolic adverse events/cardiac adverse events. Wide inter- and intra-patient variability in plasma Clozapine levels exists and monitoring is useful for assessing compliance or assessing toxic levels. \r\nWhilst some studies have recommended a ‘therapeutic range’ evidence from multiple prospective, randomised, controlled clinical studies on a role for Clozapine TDM in determining dose is lacking. Similarly rigorous evidence of a specific toxic level is not available. Therefore, the reference range quoted with results (100 to 800 µg/L) is deliberately wider than most proposed ‘therapeutic ranges’ (of between approx 350 to 600 µg/L) and it is based on a range of evidence from different literature reports and on data from our laboratory. Levels > 800 µg/L are flagged as high, < 100 µg/L are flagged as low and levels > 1500 µg/L warrant urgent (telephone) reporting. These ranges have been endorsed by the Director of Mental Health and the Chemical Pathologist at Austin Health. Further reading: Stark A and Scott J 2012, ANZJPsych 46:816-825\r\n\r\nAssay performed Wednesdays and Fridays",
      "Frequency": "Twice a week",
      "Reference Interval": "100 - 800 ug/L"

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