Medicines & Generics API

HealthOS allows you to access a dataset of over 100,000 medicines having data like side effects, popular usage, diet consideration, precaution along with information like mrp, packsize & schedule updated on a realtime basis.

It also allows you to search medicines like google…

Here is a sample data:

    "name": "TOPINATE 0.05% CREAM",
    "form": "GM of cream",
    "standardUnits": 1,
    "packageForm": "tube",
    "price": 60,
    "size": "30 GM cream",
    "manufacturer": "Systopic Laboratories Pvt Ltd",
    "constituents": [
        "name": "Clobetasol Topical",
        "strength": "0.05%"
    "schedule": {
      "category": "OTC",
      "label": "It can be sold without a prescription"
    "medicine_id": "IGGGz"

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